According to information from NAR (National Association of Realtors), the average amount of time a home remains on the market is 26 days. With homes selling quickly, the competition to purchase an existing house is challenging.

The good news is, there are other options available to consider. One is to invest in new build homes. After all, most people have dreamt of having a custom home built at some point. When a home buyer opts to build a home, it lets them control all aspects of their new home. Everything is fresh and new. Keep reading to learn more about new construction homes to find out if this is right for you.

Customize Every Aspect of the Home being Constructed

One of the most appealing reasons to have a family home custom-built is because everything can be customized. A home that is built-to-order, means that everything from the design and layout of the home, to the flooring, cabinets, wall colors, lighting, and more are based on the wants and needs of the homeowner.

A person also has the perk of knowing that all aspects of the house are planned based on what a person and their family wants and needs. This eliminates the possibility of weirdly shaped rooms, strange floorplans, or dysfunctional spaces.

To ensure the desired results are achieved, select a company that can handle the job. It is also a good idea to come prepared with a house checklist when meeting with the builder.

Newly Constructed Homes Are More Energy Efficient

New construction is going to almost always beat older homes when it comes to energy efficiency. According to recent U.S. Census results, the median age of houses around the country is 36 years. When a structure is older, it also means there are likely older windows and dated appliances installed. All this results in wasted energy.

Homes that are built after the year 2000 usually consume approximately 21% less energy for heating the space than older homes do. When heating equipment efficiency is increased, along with the use of the right building materials, a homeowner can enjoy lower energy costs.

Reduced Maintenance

New homes are designed and built to meet the existing building codes and to have up-to-date technology installed. This means that homeowners will probably not have to worry about making significant repairs or dealing with large maintenance projects for the first few years. This means no failing HVAC systems or leaky roofs for a while. Also, most home builders will provide home buyers with a warranty to ensure if something does break, they will fix it.

Ability to Choose the Location

Having a custom home built on land the homeowner owns means they can continue living in an area they want to stay in. On the other hand, the individual can find land somewhere with better schools. It is all up to them.

Existing homes and spec homes are built in areas without the buyer’s wants or needs in mind. Builders can also provide guidance regarding how to orientate the new home on the land or lot to make the most of the natural light. Most builders also provide home-site evaluations, at no cost to potential home buyers.

It Is a Sound Investment

When a custom home is designed and built, a homeowner can have a say in each step of the construction process. This means they are making an investment in the materials and design that they want. It is possible to be completely confident in the purchase being made. With an existing home, the buyer has to consider wear and tear, which may or may not be visible.

Built with a Set Budget in Mind

When a home is constructed, it can be done at an affordable price. Thanks to pre-established relationships in the local area, it is possible to get the quality materials desired at a good price. When an existing home is purchased, the individual may have to pay for features in the space that some people may not want or need. When custom homes are built, a person has the freedom to choose where money should be invested. Most home builders are completely transparent with the pricing for their services, too. There are no hidden costs or unwelcome surprises – a buyer has total control of the investment that is being made.

The Ability for Buyer to Express Themselves

When a custom home is built, it is essentially a blank canvas that is waiting to be filled with the new owners’ ideas. When the individual works with an architect and interior designer, they can design a home that reflects their style, personality, and taste. For example, if a person has a huge selection of art pieces, they can have large gallery walls or specialized lighting installed. If a person enjoys having their coffee outside in the morning, they can have a large deck with a covered area and durable outdoor seating.

When someone gets a home that fits their personality, they are happier while at home. It will also feel like a space that is uniquely theirs since no one will have lived there before.

If a person does not build their home from scratch, reviewing different options can be stressful. Usually, this is because there is no home that will match their preferences perfectly. There are still areas in the home that will need to be renovated because it does not suit their needs. This can result in homes with a lower level of cohesion since certain areas will look different than the others. By building from scratch, a person gets exactly what they want – nothing more, nothing less.

Finding the Right Builder Matters

One of the top considerations when having a home built is the builder. It is necessary to put time and effort into finding the right person or company for the job. With the right builder like Bright Homes, a home buyer will get exactly what they want and are looking for. Be sure to keep this in mind when having a home constructed, regardless of location or size.